New Purchase | Models Own Ibiza Mix Nail Polish

Beauty review of Models Own glitter nail polish…

Models Own Ibiza Mix, Nail Polish, New Product, Beauty Review

Passing by the Models Own stand in Boots is an often occurrence for me. Being an intern (ie: working for free) means I don’t have a particularly large disposable income (ie: I am brassic) so now I don’t even tease myself by looking at all of the wonderful nail polishes. Today however, something super duper shiny caught my magpie peepers, Ibiza Mix, part of the Hed Kandi range for Models Own. After much deliberation the words “sod it” (or words to that effect) sprang to mind and I found myself handing over the debit and Boots Advantage cards.

Naturally, as soon as I was home, I had to try it out. I decided to use a nude base coat before blinging up my nails, apparently White Isle style, so I could truly appreciate the twinkle. Ibiza Mix goes on very smoothly (as all Models Own polishes do) but as I feared, not much glitter comes out with each application. I applied 3 coats and there was a lot of the base colour left visible. I think the sparkles used in the varnish are really lovely though, some chunky, some small, in blue, turquoise, gold and pink, but would recommend using a coloured base coat instead of a nude. When I next apply it, I think I’ll use a black or dark blue, to make the polish really stand out. I haven’t had a go at removing it yet- so we’re yet to see how much of a mish that is (glitter is notoriously stubborn).

I think I kinda knew the glitter wouldn’t come out as thickly as I would like, but the pretty sparkles got me distracted. And seeing as I’m going nowhere exotic this summer, it does at least transport my fingertips to sunnier climes.

Models Own Hed Kandi Range, Nail Polish, New Product, Beauty Review

Other polishes in the Hed Kandi range are:
Beach Party – Neon orange
Balearic Cool – Bright baby blue
Disco Heaven – Gold glitter
Hedonist – Coral/Pink


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