Honorary Hatter

My day at Wembley…

Wembley 20 May Luton York, Football, review, Wembley Stadium

Today I was an honorary Hatter. As my Dad is Luton born and bred, he treated himself to a pitch-side view of today’s crucial match. And me? Well I tagged along, my first ever football match, at Wembley – witnessing the Premier Play-Off Final between Luton and York.

I thoroughly got into the spirit of things, becoming quite a yob, shouting, chanting and up on my feet. And although I’ve only been a Hatters fan for less than 24 hours – I am truly gutted they didn’t make it through to Division 2.

Everyone was buzzing, the atmosphere positively pulsating, when Luton scored within the first two minutes, I was elated, as was the rest of the 30,000 Luton Town supporters. It felt so great to be a part of something, and so God damn disappointing when York scored not once, but twice (as it turns out the second goal was 2 yards offside – when oh when will they bring video technology into football? Salt and wounds much.)

Luton played so well in the second half, I was on the edge of my seat (quite literally) for the 45 minutes plus injury time. But alas, no, it wasn’t to be – and after all that hard work from our boys (‘our boys’ eh – it seems I am a Hatter through and through). See you next year Wembley – see you next year Luton!

Wembley 20th May Luton York, Football, review, Wembley Stadium

Boo hoo


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