Love for Claire Barrow

Rihanna in Claire Barrow Clouds Jacket, Fashion, New DesignerMine and Rihanna’s new favourite designer…

Yup, she ever-so famously designed for Rihanna whilst on her LOUD tour plus other garments for her personal wardrobe, so naturally, I love this woman.

Rich in texture, Claire’s designs have an overt DIY essence to them, something which in no doubt appeals to her customers, as they buy a garment physically hand made by its designer.

Working with leather for those infamous Rihanna pieces, Claire began painting designs onto leather jackets back in 2010, her first creation an optimistic sky scene on a vintage number she picked up from a charity shop (above Rihanna wears a similar design). Having watched cult flick after cult flick, Claire has been influenced by the form of customisation Punks used on their jackets in the 70s, emblazoning them with favourite bands and political messages. This movement paving the way for Claire’s interesting, inventive and wholly stunning designs.

Only very recently (at the end of May in fact) finishing her degree, her graduate show detailed a decadent, debauched yet somewhat romantic 1920s, paying homage to the lucky mistresses of the artists at the time. And when I say lucky, I mean it, this was a pretty cool position (excuse the pun) to be in, far edgier than shagging your run-of-the-mill Dave Grohl today (although that isn’t to be sniffed at). Everything is hand-done, from the creation of the fabrics to the forming of the garments, all typically Claire, rich in that DIY aesthetic.

Already collaborating with Underground shoes, and currently working with Joseph, we can but wait for her 100% individual and 100% hand rendered jackets, trousers and bags. Now if only I had Rihanna’s bank balance as well as her lust for leather.

Claire Barrow and her designs, Fashion, New Designer

Check out Claire Barrow.


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