Life’s a Beach

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

Putsborough Sands, Beach, Devon, Travel, Best Beaches

I’ve never really agreed with that sentiment, having always (to the shock and disgust of others) not really enjoyed the beach. Finding the very real predicament of ‘sand getting everywhere’ not a particularly enjoyable one to be in. And the drying qualities of the sea to my already dry skin plus sensitive eyes not at all fun. But after the past couple of days filled with messing about on the beach, I have come to realise that sand and sea aren’t my arch nemeses after all.

Yesterday and the day before that were spent on the vast sands of Putsborough near Woolacombe in Devon. Playing with the dog, paddling in the sea, and lying on a towel on the sand – and it was quite lovely. Although not especially warm, it was shorts and hoody weather, and although I am an avid fan of the sunshine (it filling me with ludicrous amounts of optimism) I do somehow feel that if it had been an absolute scorcher (Mediterranean kind of hot – i.e. bikini and more importantly, sun cream weather) my hatred of the beach would have come flooding back to me with a vengeance. It is with this combination of exposed flesh, sweat and sticky, icky sun cream that the problems arise you see.

I even managed to venture forth into the potentially chilling depths of the ocean. On the first day of beachside larks, I was more reluctant to get involved. For one, I was wearing a touch of instant fake tan, and although a normal skinned person would look down at my pins baffled at this (as they remain neon white even with Fake Bake’s assistance) I was concerned about the subsequent brightness of my ankle and feet area in comparison to the rest of my legs if I got into the water. And secondly, it looked cold. But, I bit the bullet and went in, and, it was quite enjoyable. Having been persuaded by my father, who every now and then seems to adopt an ‘Earth Papa’ mentality, hugging trees, enjoying the life-giving elements to a good down pour and the natural invigoration the salty sea provides, I gladly experienced the sometimes cool and sometimes surprisingly warm waves. So yesterday, I left the fake tan in the bottle (I admit, I put some build up stuff on the night before, Superdrug’s own by the way, just as good as Dove’s and half the price) and this time delved right in there, no qualms.

By the end of the day I felt very jealous of all of those lucky people having been brought up by a beautiful beach. Golden sands with which to build castles and dig up, and craggy rocks on which to climb, claim as your own and explore. And once you are that bit older, there is no better place to hang out with friends, a fair few ciders packed in a picnic, or (cringe) lounge with a lover. I really do like to be beside the seaside (weather dependant of course).


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