The Joys of Working from Home

Slice of Chocolate Cake, coffee morning, cafe

Not the chocolate cake, but chocolate cake none-the-less

Cake induced procrastination…

Since I now live and indeed work at home, I have (somewhat naughtily) engaged in what can only be described as serial tea-drinking, treat-munching and coffee-consuming. Now I blame my mother, always plying me with the stuff and suggesting we “go out for a coffee”, a prospect I simply cannot pass up. And this morning, our chosen watering hole was the hall in my village.

Having recently befriended a nonagenarian (ninety-odd year-old) woman called Dee Dee, also known as Nora, also known as…her Christian name, whatever that is (she’s very old, she obviously collected a good few names in her time) I have become very accustomed to chatting with old ladies. So gazing round today’s sea of white shampoo and sets, plus the table at the back bedecked with home made cakes, left me quite content.

As I sat there, 90 pence coffee in cup, pound’s worth of Carol’s chocolate cake on plate (“Oh it’s so moist, a lot of chocolate cakes tend to be quite dry, but I’m working my way through a slice and it’s so moist” quote Margaret) with real wild posies in the middle of red gingham table cloth I thought, ” Well isn’t this lovely?” The community all getting together, table service from fifty-old year-old (at least) women, every one chit chatting and my mother asking everyone if they’d met “my youngest daughter, my chauffeur”? I was filled with that community spirit, not to mention, cake and coffee.


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