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Marks and Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter, Moisturiser, Beauty, Product, ShoppingA brand new beauty discovery…

As soon as I have gotten out of water, be it shower, bath, swimming pool or sea (or even rain dear friends) my skin (despite the H2O encounter) is in dire need of hydration.

Having spotted many a body butter of late, I have been determined to lavish myself in the stuff, but with these rich creams being somewhat on the pricey side, I talked myself out of it for a good few weeks. But one Wednesday, I weakened.

Sniffing my way round town, ensuring I got the best smelling pot, I sampled the utter delights of Boots Extracts Fair Trade Brazil Nut Body Butter, £7.95 which I have to be honest with you smelt so god damn good I nearly ate it; before weighing up my options in The Body Shop – the authority on aromas. Where of course there was every flavour cream you could imagine, my favourite being the new Chocomania Body Butter, £12.50.

I left, having talked myself out of buttery goodness again, due to my lack of funds and the high prices, for what is at the end of the day, a nice smelling lotion I put on to keep supple.

Stopping off for coffee in M&S, I spotted a 2 for £9.50 deal on their very own body butters (£7.50 each). My disappointment at there being no replica chocolate or brazil nut was soon alleviated when I planted my nostrils around their Vanilla Sugar creation, which again I just wanted to spoon out of the tub and into my mouth. Restraining, I cantered to the till and made my purchase.

Feeling I must save the rich, sweet butter for special occasions I refrain from daily usage, but my-oh-my when I do treat myself to the stuff it leaves me soft, a little shimmery and smelling like some sort of toffee dessert.

Not only did M&S provide a bargain with their 2 for £9.50 offer (which is still running) but their butter is Fair Trade too. The only downside is it smells so bloody good, animals both big and small take to licking it off (so I have discovered).

Marks and Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter Open, Moisturiser, Beauty, Product, Shopping


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