Not Safe for Work

Comprehending the male enchantment…

It was a few years back now when I came to truly understand the male race’s fascination with knockers.

They really are lovely, no two are the same, they’re round, soft, warm and inviting. Delightful to squeeze, lick, tweak and nibble, or quite simply just to gaze at. And lucky me, I own a pair.

So for your viewing pleasure- here’s some fashionable birds that have pretty titties…

Daisy Lowe, Paradis Magazine by Max Farago, Naked, Breasts, Boobs, Fashion,

Daisy Lowe in Paradis Magazine, photographed by Max Farago

Marilyn Monroe, Naked, Breasts, Boobs, Fashion,

Miss Marilyn Monroe

Kate Moss, The Face, by Corinne Day, Fashion, Boobs, Naked, Breasts

Kate Moss in The Face, photographed by Corinne Day

The Disco Short, American Apparel, Breasts, Naked, Advert, Boobs, Fashion, Shopping

An American Apparel advert for the Disco Short

Terry Richardson Pirelli Calendar Shoot 2010, Fashion, Boobs, Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

An out take from the Pirelli Calendar 2010 with Ana Beatriz Barros, Lily Cole, Miranda Kerr, Catherine McNeil, Daisy Lowe, a very lucky Terry Richardson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Marloes Horst, Eniko Mihalik, Georgina Stojiljkovic and Gracie Carvalho


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