Olympic Withdrawals

Mo Farah does the Mobot at London Olympic Games 2012, Olympics, Paralympics, NewsWhat to do in wake of the Closing Ceremony…

The vast majority of us moaned about it prior to launch, there was all that furore over branding violations (that butcher who created the rings using sausages for instance) and the impending worry over public transport within the city; but now it’s all over I just do not know what I am going to watch on television.

At the beginning of 2012, everything seemed so hopeful, this was Britain’s year, we had the Diamond Jubilee, the Euros, the Olympics and now…we have nothing. Well, apart from the Paralympics, which will of course sate my newfound sporting appetite for a little longer, but what then?

It is in this moment that I would like to commend the BBC for their excellent coverage, especially whoever it was that decided to play Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ in ‘Olympics Today’ whenever Gabby Logan announced another win for Team GB, plus of course all the athletes that brought out that patriotic hooligan within me.

I didn’t expect to enjoy the Games as much as I did, and now they have gone, potentially never to be hosted again in Britain during my lifetime, I miss them.

I suppose the silver-lining is Eastenders will now return to its usual time on BBC 1…

Bye-bye Olympics, and the fever that came with you.


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