The Handshake

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As an intern, copious application emails are sent, leading to a few interviews, which inevitably brings a meeting and with it, a greeting.

Now, as a woman within the fashion world (well, desperately trying to dunk my littlest piggy into it) the meet ‘n’ greet poses a few dilemmas. It isn’t all Ab Fab feeble hugs and sickly-sweet air-kisses as Eddy and Pats would have you believe. No, a handshake is necessary.

Well, I believe a handshake is necessary, which has sometimes taken my prospective employer aback somewhat. Yes, it seems some interviewers would let the meet begin with a simple ‘hello’ and perhaps some sort of gawky wave.

They say you can tell an awful lot from a person’s handshake, and within the realms of interview it should be strong, brief and confident, always. I fear mine possess only the middle attribute. Through no fault of my own of course.

You see, as the interviewee I am the inferior party and believe I should follow the superior’s lead, which more often than not results in a short bout of weak, almost embarrassingly flaccid hand touching. It seems fashion babes are hopeless handshakers.

I distinctively recall an especially monstrous handshake experience with a lady from a particular fashion website/online store (which shall remain nameless to retain their dignity) where by the encounter was so meek I’d may as well taken hold of a wet lettuce leaf. Needless to say I was left a little grossed out.

So, Fashion’s Darlings, I implore you – man up, shake strong.

Maybe I should get T-shirts made…

3 Responses to “The Handshake”
  1. I’ve been catching up with some old Ab Fab episodes recently, still just as funny and now my 14 year old daughter’s watching it and enjoying; timeless (apart from the outfits)! I like a good solid handshake myself (going back to the point in question). Cath

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