Fashion Friends-y

Friends, 90s, Fashion, Trend, Grunge, New York, TVNo one did 90s fashion like the cast of Friends…

Since its eviction from E4 in September last year, 90s sitcom Friends hasn’t graced my television screen once; as my home is unfortunately without Sky and therefore Comedy Central (which plays host to the six chums). But yesterday morning I found this abstinence of mine come to an abrupt end.

Besides the comforting, familiar feeling which filled me up like a mug full of hot chocolate, I became very aware of what fashion fiends Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel and Joey all were.

In the midst of this 90s revival we’re currently experiencing, Rachel’s visible nips, Joey’s 501s and Phoebe’s tie-dye dresses couldn’t get more en vogue.

Looking at their clothing choices, they are all so perfectly 90s (because it was the 90s…) I feel it would be hard to recreate these thoroughly fashion forward friends without appearing a desperate try hard.

But I do so long for the sloppy Joe sweatshirts, stonewash and pigtails. Who’d have thought those infamous sweater vests would come back in eh?


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