Let’s Pretend with H&M

H&M Dress Up Collection 01, All For Children, UNICEF, Fashion, ShoppingH&M launch dress-up collection for children…

I am currently finding it quite difficult to hide my bitter disappointment that I do not have a child right now, or perhaps more accurately, am not one myself/child-size/H&M did not make this range for adults.

Yes, children always seem to have all that carefree fun, and thanks to high street hero H&M they’re set to have a barrel-load more – if the gorgeous shots of their kids’ dress-up collection is anything to go by.

Released to raise funds for the Swedish brand’s All For Children initiative in conjunction with UNICEF, a whopping 25% of all profits will go to help children in Bangladesh.

Featuring adorable flamingo and polar bear hats, luxe faux-fur coats, cute bombers and a full on magician’s costume, plus a bunny-rabbit all-in-one, I’m quite tempted to lure a gaggle of kids (Pied Piper/Fagin style, but definitely not Gary Glitter style) into dressing up and following me around all day. Either that or I’m getting me some Alice in Wonderland-type shrinking potion.

H&M Dress Up Collection 03, All For Children, UNICEF, Fashion, Shopping

H&M Dress Up Collection 02, All For Children, UNICEF, Fashion, Shopping

Collection available from 18th October. 

One Response to “Let’s Pretend with H&M”
  1. Pick me an Outfit says:

    Those photos are too cute!
    xoxo Caroline Pick me an Outfit

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