Hot Cross Fun

Some of the high street’s best cross clothing…

Although fashion and religion have been tightly interlinked for centuries now, it seems this season the mantra a la mode has been “If you like it – put a cross on it”. That along with the 90s revival of late and voila – crosses god damn everywhere.

And it looks as if this divine decoration will still be adorning our bodies every-which-way come autumn, as crucifix queen Donatella Versace foretold in her A/W 12-13 collection.

Of course the high street has wholly (or rather, holy) followed in designer suit, the sanctified shape bestowed upon all forms of jewellery, accessories and indeed clothing.

So here I have chosen some of the more unusual cross-covered couture, although head into any half-way decent clothes store and no doubt you’ll be hit with Vatican-loads of religious garb.

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Oversize Grunge T shirt with Cross Motif, Buy it Now £16, betty.berry, eBay
Semi Precious Cross Earrings, £6.50, Topshop
Pearl Collar Tips and Rosary Cross, £5, ASOS
Studded Cross Blouse, £52, Sister Jane, Topshop
Large Cross Face Watch, £26, Urban Outfitters
Embroidered Cross Kaftan Dress, Buy it Now £26, lorettat2006, eBay
Ripped Chain Cross Tank, £22, Topshop
Link Cross Necklace, £12.50, Topshop
Distressed Cross Studded Levi’s Shorts, Buy it Now £32.50, afia12309, eBay
Cross Stretch Bracelet, £8, ASOS
Grunge T shirt with Acid Wash Crosses, currently at £2.99, thegrungeshop, eBay


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