Beautiful Shiny Diamonds

Skull Beaded Bracelets, beautifulSHINYdiamonds, Fashion, Jewellery, ShoppingColourful and quirky new jewellery line – beautifulSHINYdiamonds…

What with a lot of work, and even more play, I haven’t been able to spare one single moment to write on here for what seems far too long. But the gagging order has been lifted and I thought I’d do a quick post to purely promote beautifulSHINYdiamonds, my festival friend and both my wrists’ ultimate companion.

Making colourful and quirky bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces incorporating skulls, crosses, butterflies and more, this joyful jewellery line is the work of Ellys Beale. A wonderful way to add a splash of colour and indeed fun to your outfit, I found the two bracelets in my (growing) collection to be my Bestival staple.

Eyeing up bSd’s newest creations I have a feeling I’ll be adorning neck, wrists, lobes and digits with a plethora of vibrant delights, but as most of the materials used are from charity, this is utterly guilt-free jewellery indulgence.

beautifulSHINYdiamonds beaded bracelets, jewellery, fashion, shopping, designer

Get your very own beautifulSHINYdiamonds and check out the Facebook page too.


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