London Fashion Week Survival Kit

The basics to get you through LFW…

With London Fashion Week fast approaching (T minus 39 hours) I’ve been frantically noting down all the things I need to do prior (paint nails, wash hair, plan outfits) and all the things I’ll need during (dry shampoo, new clothes). So in my super organised state, I thought I’d share what will be the contents of my handbag during the sartorial shenanigans.

Besides the usual suspects – make-up, comb, water and most importantly – INVITES, I’ve found the following to be of use… (‘cause, ya know, I’ve totally been before and that.)

London Fashion Week Survival Kit, LFW, Fashion, Tips and Tricks, Handbag, Shopping

  • Notepad & Pen – Crucial for noting down what you’ve seen – although it’ll no doubt get abandoned for the videos and photos on your smart phone.
  • Smart Phone – The single most important item in your LFW pack, for hedonistic tweeting if nothing else.
  • Sunglasses – Because it’s Fashion Week Darling.
  • Mints – Gum will not suffice, you’ll pop it in, start to chew and by the time you actually make it into the show it’s gone all hard and tastes vile. Plus, a bin in these venues is pretty hard to come by (and you know that if you swallow it, it’ll take like seven years to digest).
  • Tights – In case yours ladder (and you’re not attempting grunge) or it gets chilly and you’re regretting wearing that pretty but pathetic summer dress.
  • Hair Grips – In case you forget your invites and need to pick a lock into the show, or like, your hair’s falling down.
  • Cereal Bar – A much-needed source of energy, plus it masquerades as healthy.
  • Eye Drops – To make those tired eyes just DAZZLE.
  • Moisturiser – My face gets dry.
  • Plasters – Blisters.
  • Phone Charger – Because of all that social interaction/camera work.
  • Emergency Flats – Because those “really comfy” heels get very un-comfy, very quickly.
  • Massive Bag – To carry all this shit in.

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