An Hour in TK Maxx

Men's Jumpers from TK Maxx, Fashion, Shopping, Menswear, Breton Stripes, Granddad JumperWhat to do with an hour to spare…?

Yesterday, I found myself with a little time to kill. In town, driving about at 3.40 pm, I didn’t want to pay to park up and wander the centre of Aylesbury, so decided the out-of-town TK Maxx would be a more suitable destination.

As I stepped through the automatic sliding doors I was hit with a whole herd of knitwear (if you’re after a jumper – head to TK). So, much of my hour consisted of popping my essentials on the floor, taking my hoodie off, putting various jumpers on to then take them back off, hoodie back on, essentials back up. This inevitably lead to a little hair restyling, soaking up some more time.

After wandering around the women’s department, including shoes, a brief scout at undercrackers and scarves, I headed upstairs to the realms of homewear and men’s.

More than a little fond of men’s attire, I set off in a bid for an oversized knitted number, for a while though I ended up mentally dressing my imaginary boyfriend.

Granddad Jumper from TK Maxx, Fashion, Shopping, Style

Post-perfect jumper find, I moved onto candles found in jars (I presume to keep the scent locked inside or something). Ripping off the lids I inhaled strongly, going back for more half a dozen times when it came to the delights of CinnaVanilla and Cider smells, mmm delicious.

TK Maxx Scented Candles, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cider, Shopping, Fashion

On my way through the checkouts I like to check out the treats which pave the way. I came across some more jars, this time filled with interesting and horrifically overpriced nibbles (assorted chocolate covered raisins – tenner) so I left them and their wasabi peanut counterparts to their own devices.

Jars of sweets in TK Maxx, Fashion, Shopping, Food, Christmas

Lots of fun can be had in TK Maxx, I like shops which have lots of departments and are out-of-town, it feels more special when you find the time to venture inside.


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