The Allure of Ink

Men with ink… phwoaarrr.Bad Tattoo Baby Portrait, Ink, Tattoo, Men with Tattoos, Shit Tattoo

Tattoos carry all sorts of connotations, and even though a very high percentage of the British populous are adorned with such artwork, those with tattoos are still scum in many people’s eyes. But doesn’t that just make them all the more desirable?

Women only ever go for the good guys once they’ve finally admitted defeat. Accepting that no, they are not ‘the one’ to change that dickhead man-whore into a kind and considerate bloke, who is then forever grateful to her for allowing him to see the error of his ways. And bad boys have tattoos.

Tattoos are also pretty painful, there’s those people that claim “It’s a nice pain” but they’re bullshitting, either that or they’ve never had a needle puncturing their foot at approximately 120 hits per second*  for an hour and a half. I even heard one girl state recently “I was upset when I found out he’d [the tattoo artist] finished, I really enjoyed the pain” – stop attempting to sound like a kinky bitch (but this is a separate matter).

So if they’re painful, you’ve got to be a big tough man to have them, right?

Thirdly, rock stars have tattoos and women love rock stars, and pop stars, and rappers, in fact any bloke who is marginally musically inclined – we’re there, knickers off.

So, it seems if you want plenty ‘a’ hoes, go visit Big Dave or Little John or whoever, and get yourself some ink. In most cases it doesn’t even matter what it’s of – a poorly done portrait of your family dog, some despicable Celtic creation, another girl’s name, us females are blind-sighted by all those hard, tough-guy tattoos and we’ll be all over you like that Chlamydia you just don’t seem able to shift.

*figure according to Jeeves from Ask Jeeves…

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