Still the One

Sequin Bead Trophy Jacket, Vintage, Fashion, Style, Shopping, ParisMy top wardrobe inhabitant – the sequin trophy jacket…

Rootling through my wardrobe last night, I flitted past one of my all time favourites and so thought I would write an ode to thee, Sequin Trophy Jacket. Or rather, Multi-Coloured, Sequin and Bead Encrusted, Paisley Trophy Jacket.

If that wasn’t enough reason to carve its own pedestal and elegantly drape it across it, when I’m wearing this baby I am oh-so happy, drenched in so much sparkle you’d think a unicorn had puked up all over me (because they totally boke glitter). 


1. When I slip it on I’m practically sweating sequins
2. It is highly unlikely that anyone I know or meet will ever have this jacket
3. It was only €30
4. I successfully haggled with its seller
5. It’s vintage
6. It’s from Paris
7. When I slip it on I’m practically sweating sequins

And that dear friends is why it will reside in my closet forever (unless of course it is shimmering off my shoulders, dazzling those that can’t help but rubber-neck past) nestled amongst those other few sartorial delights deemed too magnificent to let go, like my oversized denim jacket (formerly my father’s) and that hand-crafted tan leather rucksack from Marrakech which still smells like souk.

Sequin Trophy Jacket Close Up, Vintage, Fashion, Style, Shopping, Paris


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