Vivienne Westwood for Amnesty International

Vivenne Westwood, Amnesty International, Fashion, Human RightsThe iconic British fashion designer speaks out against human rights abuses…

The emergence of punk in the 1970s of which Vivienne Westwood was at the epicentre wasn’t just about screaming into a microphone and wearing several haberdasheries’ worth of safety pins; for many, including the designer it was a “call to arms”. Choosing to speak out against war, torture and injustice, Westwood is a proud political activist, most recently beseeching justice for Azza Hilai Ahmad Suleiman – an Egyptian woman severely beaten by soldiers in a demonstration near Tahrir Square in 2011.

In a new short film for Amnesty International’s annual Write for Rights Campaign, Westwood urges the world to identify and help others, to become trendsetters for Azza Suleiman, “Let’s make it one fashion which everyone will want to follow”.

Daring to defend another woman who was stripped and attacked by soldiers, Azza now suffers from memory loss after her skull was fractured from being beaten so severely.

Sadly Azza’s case is not an anomaly; hers is one of 15 featured in this year’s Amnesty International Write for Rights Campaign which encourages people across the UK to send a message of strength and support to those who have been abused.

For more information visit the Amnesty International website. 


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