So much love for the SJStylee…

Providing the ultimate attire for a summer filled with fun is designer and stylist SJStylee with her label SPANGLED.

Spangled SJStylee SS13 Sunglasses 02


Taking otherwise dull (although nicely shaped) glasses and sunglasses and sticking a shed-load of joy all-over them, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear even if the sun fails to make an appearance this season – which it definitely will.

Choose from dinosaur decorations, elephants, tigers and super-shiny gems (totally living up to the SPANGLED name) to adorn your little peepers.

Spangled SJStylee SS13 Sunglasses 03


Spangled SJStylee SS13 Sunglasses 04

Sun-burst Sunnies

Spangled SJStylee SS13 Sunglasses 09


Spangled SJStylee SS13 Sunglasses 07

Flip-top Diamonds

Spangled SJStylee SS13 Sunglasses


But let’s not forget the spandex delights that allow for easy-breezy festival wear; ravey-baby dancing and infinite lunges await!

Spangled SJStylee SS13 Leggings and Crop

Galaxy meets Zig-Zag

Spangled SJStylee SS13 Swimsuit


After a pop-up at Shoreditch’s BoxPark last month, and another this week as part of the Secret Emporium, SPANGLED’s online store launches March 18 at 

All images from SJStylee


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