An Ode to Thee – The Humble Tee

Showing some love to the ultimate wardrobe staple…

I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the most unassuming, overlooked, taken for granted item of clothing in each and every one of our wardrobes. Yes, it’s you Mr T. Shirt.

An ode to thee the humble T

That’s him.

I’ve recently purchased a number of tees, and quite frankly reveled in their glory ever since. From oversized round-necks to boxy Vs, I have discovered the true joy of the T-shirt, which forever works with every bottom. And even better – the T-shirt dress (basically a ginormous top) oh the freedom.

The true beauty of the tee lies in its versatility, ceaselessly transcending day to night, (and I’m not talking sleepwear – although this is a very viable option) one of my personal favourites du jour, is a delightful flecked grey number from H&M paired with a black leather skirt.

There’s something incredibly understated about the T-shirt, too often thought of as mere casualwear, sometimes the chicest of ensembles are the most simple. So here’s to you Mr T.


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