The Brag Hag

So it seems that in modern society it has become perfectly acceptable to show off at any given moment.

Instagram with its array of flattering filters has not only made everyone photographers, but self-portrait artists – cue the #selfie. A form of documentation, the selfie is purely a means of brandishing your beauty about the place, and ultimately bragging about it. Something of which I too am guilty, but I don’t care, because I looked fabulous at the time.

Kim Kardashian swimsuit selfie

Kim K selfied her ass

Another form of social media showing off, which we were discussing at work yesterday (hence the birth of this post) is hauling. Gone are the days when you’d go out shopping, buy a veritable wardrobe-ful of new garms and upon arrival back home declare “Fashion show!”,  gathering your parents, siblings and pets to witness the fitness. Oh no, now you vlog about it. You sit there, in front of your webcam, surrounded by bags, seductively plucking out each new treat and presenting it to your audience, with panache.

And you know what? The people adore it.

Okay, so with hauling, there is a definite element of education to proceedings, especially in regards to beauty products. One can be showing off all their new lotions and potions, and in turn dispensing valuable advice to their watchers.  But there is also that overriding aspect of “Look what I have and you don’t” – welcome, the Brag Hag.

3 Responses to “The Brag Hag”
  1. if u got it flaunt it its not easy to get

  2. Miz Lulu says:

    Oh my gosh xD Haha there are some pretty bad brag hags on youtube >.< I personally really enjoyed this post, and i do also like watching haul videos for ideas, information or just if i like the persons personality.. i live out in the woods.. so i tend to hangout with the internet a lot of the time!
    Love your blog so far ❤ xo

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