Let’s Talk About Sex

For one reason or another, sex and all the trappings that come with it – be that physical or emotional, good or bad – have been on my mind more than usual lately; so when I came across this blog yesterday I felt compelled to share it (I wasn’t just Googling ‘sex’ by the way).

Salt n Pepa, let's talk about sex

Salt n Pepa said it

Do Tell, is a ‘story-telling Tumblr’ and an extension of the documentary, Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk about Sex, which explores, through real women’s experiences across the US, why it is that females have sex, and what they get out of these encounters.

Sex is everywhere, and while I am a whole-hearted supporter of it – for pleasure, fun, connection and reproduction – all too often it is for none of these reasons. Whether simply just not that great, or sadly a traumatic, painful experience, sex isn’t something honestly spoken about – especially by women.

I look back over my own sexual encounters and while thankfully I do not have anything too hideous to report, there is certainly regret, confusion and embarrassment along with the good, so sharing these experiences is something I can only support, if only to make you feel more normal.

Do Tell invites women throughout November to speak, openly and honestly about their sexual experiences, amazing, awful, harrowing and hilarious as a means of healing and education. There are precious little times when humans are utterly truthful about their sexuality and their experiences, let this be a time when you challenge our sex-saturated society, give it some meaning, and quash the misconceptions and shame associated with it. And men, please also read, we can all learn something from this.


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