Beatrice Boyle’s Beauties

I recently stumbled upon the work of illustrator/painter/designer/artist Beatrice Boyle, and I am somewhat captivated by it. Originally using images from magazines, but now also creating her own photographs from scratch, Boyle takes flawless fashion and destroys it with paint; but in doing so, creates a wholly new and beautiful image.

Beatrice Boyle Triptych I, II and IIITriptych I, II and III

Her work in principle reminds me of that of Nicholas Alvis Vega’s, whose series Nymphae Nymphalidae explores the way in which society views women by recreating classic paintings to then deface them, (you can read my interview with him for Schön! Magazine here).

An alumni of both Central St Martins and LCF, Boyle has since hit the ground running, having collaborated with Browns Focus, American Rag Cie, Dazed Japan and Elle. Reading an interview with her for Some Think Blue, it is clear her work stems from an ‘unhealthy obsession’ with magazines, and an appreciation for the female form (although she has worked with males), which is something I can wholeheartedly understand. Which is in fact what drew me to her pieces in the first place. The often overtly sexual images are somehow made more powerful with the addition of thick paint scratches, giving a roughness and indeed realness to what is otherwise perfection.

Beatrice Boyle Grasp and Frown Grasp and Frown

Beatrice Boyle Cigarette and GaspCigarette and Gasp

All images taken from 3939shop.


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