Shea Delight from The Body Shop

Prior to the festive period, my work was treated to an advent calendar courtesy of The Body Shop, so as each day of December passed, the office was not only excited for the ever-nearing holidays, but the chance to open a brand new door to beauty.

Well, some were more enthusiastic than others.

While some colleagues delighted in their mini body scrub or fragrant shower gel, others (mostly the straight men) were slightly less enthralled. But I myself was elated upon opening door 22 to discover a pot of Shea Lip Butter – a product I had that very weekend been contemplating buying.

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter

Contemplation only brought on by the fact that it was mere days to go until C-Day, which lead to sensible money-saving thoughts and resulted in me restraining myself. A good job too, as fate landed me with my very own complimentary fix (it seems free lip products really are the best.)

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter

Thick and creamy in texture, The Body Shop’s Shea Lip Butter whips up well when gliding a finger around the pot, making for easy application to the lips. It really does provide instant hydration, and leaves behind a favourable soft sheen. I do however feel this relief is a little short-lived in comparison to other lip balms (and believe me, I have tried a lot). It is wonderfully nourishing and sweet-smelling though (as is to be expected from TBS), it’s fair trade, plus, as it isn’t too glossy, it also works as a great base-coat to lip colours.

Buy The Body Shop’s Shea Lip Butter for £4 here

2 Responses to “Shea Delight from The Body Shop”
  1. How lucky you are to have such a generous and thoughtful work!


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