Let’s Talk About Sex


For one reason or another, sex and all the trappings that come with it – be that physical or emotional, good or bad – have been on my mind more than usual lately; so when I came across this blog yesterday I felt compelled to share it (I wasn’t just Googling ‘sex’ by the way). … Continue reading

The Brag Hag

Kim Kardashian swimsuit selfie

So it seems that in modern society it has become perfectly acceptable to show off at any given moment. Instagram with its array of flattering filters has not only made everyone photographers, but self-portrait artists – cue the #selfie. A form of documentation, the selfie is purely a means of brandishing your beauty about the … Continue reading

The Allure of Ink

Men with ink… phwoaarrr. Tattoos carry all sorts of connotations, and even though a very high percentage of the British populous are adorned with such artwork, those with tattoos are still scum in many people’s eyes. But doesn’t that just make them all the more desirable? Women only ever go for the good guys once they’ve … Continue reading

Olympic Withdrawals

Mo Farah does the Mobot at London Olympic Games 2012, Olympics, Paralympics, News

What to do in wake of the Closing Ceremony… The vast majority of us moaned about it prior to launch, there was all that furore over branding violations (that butcher who created the rings using sausages for instance) and the impending worry over public transport within the city; but now it’s all over I just … Continue reading

Gone Fishin’

Koi Carp Orange lifestyle blog fish

The new additions to the Golding gang… Firstly, yes that is what my family unit call themselves. Secondly, we have babies. Little koi carp fry, currently swimming around in a tank in our kitchen until they’re strong enough to be released into the big wide world (the pond in our garden). And what with television … Continue reading

The Joys of Working from Home

Cake induced procrastination… Since I now live and indeed work at home, I have (somewhat naughtily) engaged in what can only be described as serial tea-drinking, treat-munching and coffee-consuming. Now I blame my mother, always plying me with the stuff and suggesting we “go out for a coffee”, a prospect I simply cannot pass up. … Continue reading