Let’s Talk About Sex


For one reason or another, sex and all the trappings that come with it – be that physical or emotional, good or bad – have been on my mind more than usual lately; so when I came across this blog yesterday I felt compelled to share it (I wasn’t just Googling ‘sex’ by the way). … Continue reading

On my Bookshelf – Lastnightsparty

Lastnightsparty, Merlin Bronques, Book, Photography, Fashion, NYC, Party, Sex

A meander through the papery delights upon my bookshelf… Asking the question “Where were you last night?” musician, artist, photographer and serial party person Merlin Bronques allows unlimited access to NYC’s coolest get-togethers via his album, Lastnightsparty. A print copy of his blog lastnightsparty.com, this hard back is like a Where’s Wally of tits, arse and … Continue reading

Nail It – Olympic Style

Destinee Hooker, United States, Volleyball, London Olympic Games 2012, Fashion, Beauty

Pretty patriotism with nail art at London’s Olympic Games… Yup, I caught Olympic Fever, and besides all that gold, silver and bronze stuff flying about the place, I’ve noticed some pretty sweet nail art from the Olympic ladies. Here are some of the most decorative digits on display…

Gone Fishin’

Koi Carp Orange lifestyle blog fish

The new additions to the Golding gang… Firstly, yes that is what my family unit call themselves. Secondly, we have babies. Little koi carp fry, currently swimming around in a tank in our kitchen until they’re strong enough to be released into the big wide world (the pond in our garden). And what with television … Continue reading

The Best Ideas Ever

Dear Photograph 04, Blog, Best Blogs

Two of the best blogs ever… I came across these blogs a little while ago and had to share them because they are such great ideas. So, if you haven’t already heard of them- prepare yourself for a treat… Dear Photograph Basically, the idea is to take a photograph of a photograph, in the exact … Continue reading