Wayne’s World

Wayne Lawrence, Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera

I recently came across Brooklyn-based photographer Wayne Lawrence‘s work courtesy of my daily trawl of the Mail Online (I know, the shame), but lucky I did, because I think his work is pretty awesome. In his latest series and book, Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera, award-winning Lawrence documents the grim-yet-glamorous Orchard Beach, a man-made ‘retreat’ frequently referred … Continue reading

On my Bookshelf – Lastnightsparty

Lastnightsparty, Merlin Bronques, Book, Photography, Fashion, NYC, Party, Sex

A meander through the papery delights upon my bookshelf… Asking the question “Where were you last night?” musician, artist, photographer and serial party person Merlin Bronques allows unlimited access to NYC’s coolest get-togethers via his album, Lastnightsparty. A print copy of his blog lastnightsparty.com, this hard back is like a Where’s Wally of tits, arse and … Continue reading

On my Bookshelf – Grace

Grace Coddington, Marc Hispard, 1965, Vidal Sassoon, for Mademoiselle, Fashion, Photography

A meander through the papery delights upon my bookshelf… Although not a vast collection, I am somewhat proud of the books I have acquired over the past few years. And despite not delving my nose in nearly enough, I have an affection for each and every one. My current read is that of Grace: A Memoir of … Continue reading