Shea Delight from The Body Shop

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter

Prior to the festive period, my work was treated to an advent calendar courtesy of The Body Shop, so as each day of December passed, the office was not only excited for the ever-nearing holidays, but the chance to open a brand new door to beauty. Well, some were more enthusiastic than others. While some … Continue reading

Beatrice Boyle’s Beauties

Beatrice Boyle Gasp

I recently stumbled upon the work of illustrator/painter/designer/artist Beatrice Boyle, and I am somewhat captivated by it. Originally using images from magazines, but now also creating her own photographs from scratch, Boyle takes flawless fashion and destroys it with paint; but in doing so, creates a wholly new and beautiful image. Triptych I, II and … Continue reading

Lots of love for Tessa Metcalfe

Tessa Metcalfe jewellery, pigeon claw ring

Once again, my sister has introduced me to a wonderful jewellery maker (read about the first one here), with one of my Christmas gifts, and now I must introduce her to you. Hackney born and bred, Tessa Metcalfe spent her childhood between the capital and her grandmother’s Suffolk home; which, filled with oddities, including various … Continue reading

Do it Yourself rag & bone

Mary Charteris for rag & bone Jean DIY Project 2014

The latest DIY Project from rag & bone has been revealed, and quelle surprise, it’s ruddy great. Since 2011, the lifestyle and fashion brand has recruited scores of hot models, plied them with bags of rag & bone/JEAN, dished out digital cameras and let them go on their merry way – the results of which … Continue reading

I Love the Wolfman

LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil in Wolfman

(No, for once I’m not referring to a man with a beard, however much I adore them.) I am not much of a believer in fate, although at times, when life seems complicated and confusing, great comfort can be found in relying on ‘some consequence yet hanging in the stars’. But you know what? The … Continue reading

Press Daze

The best of the London press days SS14

Forget the festive season, if you are anything to do with the fashion industry (like me, darhling) you’re already thinking of SS14, and indeed incurring the wrath of the press day. Making LFW look like a sprint, this marathon month has brought with it a fair few delights, some of which are as follows… Sophia … Continue reading

The Brag Hag

Kim Kardashian swimsuit selfie

So it seems that in modern society it has become perfectly acceptable to show off at any given moment. Instagram with its array of flattering filters has not only made everyone photographers, but self-portrait artists – cue the #selfie. A form of documentation, the selfie is purely a means of brandishing your beauty about the … Continue reading

Miista Lover Lover

Miista Alison iridescent leather brogues, £145 Harvey Nichols

Want. That is all. Miista Alison iridescent leather brogues, £145 Harvey Nichols

Tales of Endearment

DVF and Natalie Joos

An ‘I love you’ to Natalie Joos… I have recently discovered Natalie Joos – writer and photographer – and her awesome blog/site/editorial Tales of Endearment. A wonderful array of vibrant photography, featuring even more wonderful clothes plus piece after piece of vintage delight, ToE and indeed Natalie’s Instagram feed are my new beaus. Oh, and … Continue reading


Spangled SJStylee SS13 Sunglasses

So much love for the SJStylee… Providing the ultimate attire for a summer filled with fun is designer and stylist SJStylee with her label SPANGLED. Taking otherwise dull (although nicely shaped) glasses and sunglasses and sticking a shed-load of joy all-over them, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear even if the sun fails to … Continue reading