Let’s Talk About Sex


For one reason or another, sex and all the trappings that come with it – be that physical or emotional, good or bad – have been on my mind more than usual lately; so when I came across this blog yesterday I felt compelled to share it (I wasn’t just Googling ‘sex’ by the way). … Continue reading

Miuccia Prada and The Great Gatsby

Prada releases costume sketches for The Great Gatsby… Thoroughly fond of Baz Luhrmann, all things decadent and Leonardo DiCaprio, this year’s impending release of film The Great Gatsby has had me somewhat of a dither for a while now. But that little tease Muiccia Prada has only gone and whetted appetites further still with the sneaky unveiling … Continue reading

The Making of Harry Potter

The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Film, Review

A sunny Sunday behind the scenes… Before delving into the movie-world of itty, bitty, baby, Potter, I must admit I was a tad sceptical. My two main concerns being, is this going to completely kybosh the magic? And, is Butterbeer going to live up to expectations? Because if not, that will totally kybosh the magic. … Continue reading